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Specializing in virtual bookkeeping & advisory services for cannabis dispensaries and law offices


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GreenKeeper Bookkeeping is built by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. We are geared specifically toward growth minded cannabis dispensaries and law offices who are looking for that extra effort from their finance professionals. At GreenKeeper Bookkeeping, we focus on real-time financial insights that enable you to become a proactive decision maker in your business. We believe that the majority of your time should be spent on planning for the future, not evaluating the past.



I've spent the last 13 years working for Corporate America as an auditor and accountant, trained by some of the most remarkable minds in Silicon Valley. From Fortune 500 powerhouses to start ups just getting their feet wet, I've done it all. Whether you're looking for someone to provide a ROAD-MAP to follow or you're ready to turn the keys over, I will do what it takes to take the headache out of your finances.