What is one thing you do for your business that you wish you didn't have to?

If you said your finances, you're in the right place. Are you a dispensary owner who dreads dealing with regulatory agencies or can't find a bank to work with you? I can help. Are you an attorney who wants to stop wasting valuable time on your books so that you can increase your billable hours and refocus your energy back to your clients? let's talk.

all of my clients receive the following services...

  • A finance partner that cares as much about your business as you do

  • Set up/clean up of your books using the latest in bookkeeping software

  • Automation of monthly bank reconciliations

  • Preparation and presentation of your financial statements with personalized analysis 

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Tax preparation support - I will work one on one with your tax professional to ensure that all documentation is complete and submitted in a timely manner

Inevitably, cannabis dispensaries and attorneys will require additional services catered specifically to that industry. Here are the additional services I will provide...

Cannabis dispensaries:

  • impeccable record-keeping to ensure banks and regulatory agencies never doubt your legitimacy

  • Audit/Regulatory support

  • Assistance with finding a banking partner




  • a finance partner who specializes in legal accounting and the challenges you face

  • automation of legal billing to accounting system integration

  • tracking of unpaid invoices

  • reconciliation/reporting of client trust accounts

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